Build with us your new exclusive pool in Europe

1. Sidewall, self-sustaining pool
The sidewalls, which are made of smooth sheet metal are reinforced
by support ribs and thus demensioned that the water pressure and the
occurring loads are sustained.

2. Support, self-sustaining pool
The pool walls, which are isolated with 50 mm thick XPS panels are
placed on a foundation at their lower end. Oblique pillars on concrete
slabs or on concrete walls provide the support.

3. Base
The base is isolated with 60 mm XPS panels. The connection to the
sidewall is rounded to provide easier cleaning. The cleaning robot
leaves due to the transition wall - floor no smudges. As water supply,
there are Inlet nozzle or floor ducts. Stairs and floors are anti-slip
as default.

4. Surface
The wall and base elements are made of polished metal plates.
The welds of the edge of the pool are polished on the inside. All
other welds without machining are stained on the inside. Stairs,
steps and ladders are slip-resistant.

5. Wall thicknesses of the self-sustaining pool
-sidewall 2,5 mm
-gutter 2,0 mm
-base 2,0 mm
-sidewall ribs 2,5 mm
-flow channel in the ground 2,0 mm

6. Or alternatively with Aluminum

Price: EUR 62,500 plus transport, mounting, VAT & taxes.

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